Abundance is all around us...claim yours!
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Abundance Coaching

Do any of these describe you?

  • You have a hard time accepting compliments or gifts.
  • You feel unworthy of success or meeting your goals.
  • Thinking about your money (or lack thereof) makes you want to: throw up, stick your head in the sand, pretend that it doesn’t exist, wish that we lived in a barter economy…
  • Your credit is nightmarish.  Your debt seems insurmountable.
  • You have all of your money in a checking account, earning 0%, because you’re afraid of doing the wrong thing and losing it all.
  • Savings??!!  What the hell are savings?  You can’t even pay your bills.
  • You need to know about everything about money before you can do anything at all.
  • Money?  I don’t need to worry about money.  I’ll inherit it/god will provide/I'll marry rich/I'll win the lottery/Prince(ss) charming will come for me...
  • You get money—maybe a lot, maybe a little—and no matter what you do, you can’t hold onto it.
  • I just have bad luck when it comes to money, so why think about it?

If you answered "YES" to any of these questions, you're not alone.  Or crazy.  Or pathetic.  Sometimes, though, those thoughts can paralyze us and keep us from acting in our own best interests. Eryka can help.

Eryka is an abundance coach, which means she takes a therapeutic and compassionate approach to dealing with issues around money and abundance.  Eryka combines social work skills with financial knowledge and fierce cheerleading in order to help you use your money as exactly what it is: a tool to achieve your goals and dreams.  Nothing more, nothing less.  To help you see the world as full of abundance and opportunities, rather than scarcity or fear.

She knows that you're not alone on those feelings and thoughts, because she's experienced many of them herself.  Read more about her story.  She struggled with money, from having too much of it to having too little.  Experiencing both of these extremes have given her a unique perspective on money and the issues that so many people have with it.  Fortunately, she turned those challenges into an opportunity to learn and change her life.  She read books, took classes, underwent rigorous trainings, certifications, and licensing.

Eryka wasn't born knowing this stuff; she had to learn it.  And now she's passing those teachings on to you.

Why don't we all know more about money?  Aren't we supposed to know this already?

Here's one of the (many) crazy things about our culture:  We accept that kids are supposed to learn, so we are taught as much as possible about world history, reading, math, science--as much as can be squeezed into 18 short years, that is.

But then we graduate from high school or college and being taught stops.  Somehow, we are expected to just *know* the essential tools of living: how to manage our money (without being taught); how to deal with conflict (without being taught); how to live pleasurable and meaningful lives (without being taught)…and so on. And I don't know about your school, but these subjects sure weren't taught in mine!

For some, the without-being-taughtness of it all makes life a great adventure, filled with opportunities to learn and grow.  For others, it’s a torturous path of making “bad” decisions, filled with self-judgment and restarting, over and over again. 

Why oh why do we judge ourselves so harshly for not knowing things we weren’t taught?

See, Eryka strongly believes everyone is full of genius.  It just happens to be untapped and unfocused and—dare I say?—uneducated about certain things for some people.  Like money and abundance.

The goal of abundance coaching is to give you the tools YOU need in order to do the healing YOU need to do to live an abundant, pleasurable life.  Because money is a tool as well.  It’s how we measure worth in our society, but it is not the sole measure of YOUR worth.

You will have tools
and support so you can get to a place of confidence to take the next best step(s) for yourself, so you can see the world as filled with abundance, rather than scarcity or fear.
1 on 1 coaching with Eryka: Choose your adventure!
 Abundance Breakthrough Sessions
An Abundance Breakthrough Session is an opportunity to explore what abundance means to YOU.  What happens in an ABS varies from person to person; if there's an issue you KNOW you want to work on, then we can focus on that specifically.  Or we can work together to begin identifying what abundance means to you--whether it's your bank balance, having love in your life, being creative, practicing receiving, feeling joyful in the world, and ever so much more. After 1.5 hours, you'll have some awesome tools and ideas for creating more abundance in your life...AND you'll get a 20 minute laser follow-up session two weeks later!
Investment: $150
Contact us now to schedule your session!
This six month program will transform your mindset and change your life.  Your inner critic will be disarmed, your limiting beliefs will be shifted into thoughts and paradigms that support you and your potential, you will see the world through abundance-colored glasses instead of muddy windows, and ever so much more.
Scholarships for both programs are available to those who can demonstrate need and desire to take part in this journey.